Live band booked for garden party wedding, rock the evening!

This past weekend a lucky couple who booked the flagship wedding band were able to witness the gold standard in live entertainment made possible by the wedding band agency Apollo Live . 140 guests descended on the Sutton Coldfield mansion for a wonderful garden party to celebrate the happy couple’s big day. The couple had been cautious when looking into booking live wedding entertainment, the goal was to find a live entertainment supplier who could accommodate for the eclectic taste of their guests. With the average age group varying between 25- 55, it was important that a range of different genres were covered throughout the night.

The couple decided in the end to book Apollo Soul, the flagship band of Apollo Live Entertainment. Apollo Soul were able to cater to the couples live entertainment requirements by not only supplying a 2-hour live show but supplying DJ and sax elements surrounding the bands sets.

The band arrived onsite at 11:00 and set-up and sound checked their equipment, this insured all the bands instruments along with sound & lighting equipment had been set-up prior to the happy couple returning home with their party. With the rest of the band arriving on-site at 18:00 no soundcheck was required and the entertainment got underway with a DJ playlist of elegant background music. By 19:30 our resident Saxophonist Lukasz Machometa began performing a DJ/Sax set which created an elegant ambience as evening guests arrived. Lukasz performed a great blend of tropical house music mixed with classic soul. Once most of the evening guests had arrived it was time for the band to take the stage. At around 20:30 Apollo Soul commenced with their first set, performing a staple set of classic soul & Motown hits which appealed to the older age group in the audience. Throughout the set the band included a range of contemporary classic hits which kept the younger audience engaged.

The audience were in full voice for songs such as Uptown Funk, Never Too Much and All Night Long, with the dancefloor remaining full for the entire first set.

Following a 60-minute break, during which the bands DJ performed selected playlisted material, the band returned to the stage with the second of two sets. This second set relying more on contemporary classics and modern selections which appealed to the younger audience as well as the entire party. This became evident as the wedding wedding bands for hiredancefloor swelled in numbers, and the atmosphere became electric. Apollo Souls lead singer Corey Young brought a superb showman performance by commanding the audience into every big singalong chorus, whilst the band supported him with a sonic powerhouse.

Following the bands final set of 2, our DJ performed a show stopping Ibiza classics set, featuring not only their saxophonist Lukasz Machometa, but also featuring the superbly talented James Burgess on Percussion. This ensemble enthralled the audience with the passion and energy they have for their craft, turning the excitement levels all the way up until midnight.

All in all, this was another stellar performance by an ensemble of musicians who truly relish their craft, and take great care in its delivery.

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